What People Say

“Luck was on my side when I was introduced to Nina of Communications Rebel! She is the imaginative, creative and supportive force behind me and my business. Let the Communications Rebel wind be on your back as well to propel your dreams into the right direction.”
Marlene McKee, Owner, Nutrition for Health and Longevity

“Psyched by the awesome work of Nina Grenningloh Reyes a.k.a. the marvelous Communications Rebel for Lunapads’ first press release! Many thanks Nina!!”
Britta Wein, CEO, Lunapads Germany

“Nina will take care of all your communications needs with a sharp eye and a compassionate warmth. Look no further for a strategist and communicator that will help you chisel off the unnecessary and cut straight to the core of your authentic purpose. If you are looking for a rebel with a cause – join ranks with Nina. Your brand will be revolutionized and your true message will be polished to perfection.”
Marthe Hagen, The Freedom Experiment

„Sometimes you’re just lucky: Nina came highly recommended by a fellow entrepreneur. I was immediately impressed by her competency and her warmth. She understood what my business is all about and provided expert PR advice. I especially appreciated her approach to communicate honestly and with integrity – something that fits my own philosophy in business. A big thank you to Nina – keep it up!“
Annette Husmann, Owner, Eco- and Upcycling-Market

“In just one session with Nina I was able to get a great amount of clarity about what I wanted my brand to be and what I wanted from my business. Nina’s enthusiasm, creativity and kindness make it easy to talk to her and let ideas flow. If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Nina, grab it for sure!”
Allison Nuyen, Life Coach, Create Your Wonderworld

“I connected instantly with Nina of Communications Rebel at a recent women’s conference. Troubled with rewriting my online biography, Nina’s vision and enthusiasm put it all in perspective for me. She helped me reach outside my comfort zone and guided me to creating an effective online presence.”
Elizabeth Adams Bean, Design + Photography

“In just one hour of conversation Nina helped me clarify my mission of doing 108 sun salutes, 108 times, with all proceeds to charity. The press release she wrote put my story in a broader context. I’m in a much better position now than I was before I met Nina.”
Jon Sookocheff

“Nina is warm and very committed. She’s extremely knowledgeable about how to make the most out of your online presence. Her approach to online marketing and PR is unique in that she focuses on people and storytelling. I repeatedly sought Nina out because I needed guidance with my communications needs – website, Facebook, Twitter etc. And I always walked away with some practical advice and a clear action plan. If you’re looking for consultation on how to successfully maneuver the online space, I encourage you to work with Nina.”
Sylvianne Chebance
, Actress

“Nina is one of the most organized and professional people I know. I have the utmost respect for her creative ability to create engaging content that motivates readers to take action.”
Gabrielle Lindsley
, Advertising Executive, MPA Media

“Nina has an amazing understanding of the Internet and how to capitalize on the power of this tool to maximize marketing efforts. She’s an outstanding writer, producer and strategist who gives her all to make a project work and work right!
Mark Alyn, Executive Producer, Mark Alyn Communications Inc.

“Nina seeks to use her abilities for the betterment of those around her.”
Frank McGehee, Marketing Director, Worldwinner

“Nina is highly knowledgeable about how to create and manage integrated communications campaigns, and she’s the person you want on your PR team if you’re aiming for success.”
Atsuki Maeda, Director at Stroke Rehabilitation & Dementia Care Clinic, Emperor’s College

“I could not have found a better publicist – her hunger to help is fantastic and her resources are amazing.”
Jody Whitesides, Musician

“Thank you for all you hard work on Wallenda and making it a success. We appreciate all the time and energy you gave to making the actors sound ‘ausgezeichnet’.”
VW Scheich & Uyen Le, Director/ Producers Wallenda

“Nina’s easy-going nature and positive attitude made her a joy to work with.
Allison Rynak, Vice President, Corporate Communications, Worldwinner

“Nina has assisted me in setting up and growing my YouTube campaign, called “One Song A Week”. Using Facebook, Twitter, press releases and other online recommendation sites, Nina’s efforts helped me grow my channel from zero fans to over 700 subscribers and nearly 30,000 upload views after only 8 months. Without Nina’s creativity and knowledge of social media marketing, I would have never reached that goal. I can only recommend Nina to other artists and businesses out there as I’m sure that her tremendous vision will be an asset to any PR program.”
Femke Weidema, Singer/Songwriter

“Her value cannot be measured, and she is a key component to our success.
Tee Pruitt, Seasoned Business Strategist and Team Leader