Have you ever wondered why some businesses just shine on their website and on social media? What makes their communication so engaging and addictive? Like, you can’t get enough of them and want to hang on to their every blog post and email that’s hitting your inbox.

Some business owners and brands just have that extra bit of “oomph” in the way they present themselves. They’re the real deal. They leave any bullshit under the office doormat and only invite “remarkable” into their world.

One key element to stepping into your true voice is to find your “remarkable”.

Stop being boringSeth Godin already wrote about how to transform your business by being remarkable in Purple Cow back in 2002. He’s still right. Your task as a business owner – whether you’re heading up a Fortune 500 company or a solopreneurial venture – is to find that special ingredient that’s turning your products or services from good to exceptional. 

Not only will your products or services stand out from the crowd and become more noticeable. You will also enjoy the positive side-effect of being able to step into your true voice.

Make “remarkable” your operating standard.

By making “remarkable” your operating standard, you’ll diverge from the norm and enter what I like to call “authentic territory”. It’s a playing field that allows you to be yourself by expressing your purpose and bringing your mission to life. No compromises, just pure awesomeness. No more boring products or services that are designed to please everyone, just exciting offerings that will have your fans rave about them.

You’ll find it much easier to communicate your own “remarkable” to your fan base. You don’t have to hide behind some awful marketing jargon anymore but instead can express yourself freely.

You might offend someone or invite some critics to the social media table. But that’s a good thing. Your critics are proof that you’re on the right track. Every remarkable product or service comes with lovers and haters. Your job is to embrace the lovers and don’t mind the haters.<– Click to tweet this to your tribe!

Your true voice will emerge once you allow yourself to be remarkable, extraordinary, abnormal, perhaps even a little bit strange. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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photo credit: AdamBindslev via photopin cc