Here is what Communications Rebel is all about

I help changemakers and social innovators tell their story.

Organizations and individuals I’ve worked with were looking for solutions to questions like

“How can I connect to my audience?”

“How can I tell my story in a way that creates a dialogue and inspires people to take action?”

“How can I build and nurture a community that is rallying around my cause?”

“How can I reach users through social and traditional media and ignite change?”

” How can I create impact in bigger ways?”

I’m Nina Grenningloh Reyes, and I’m here to help you increase your impact and accelerate social change through the power of story. Your story.

In a crowded online world, your story is the most powerful tool in your marketing toolbox – because your audience is craving a good story, an inspiring message, and a damn good reason to take action.

YOU are the reason people do business with you.

YOU are the reason people buy from you.

YOU are the reason people want to be part of your tribe.

If you work with me, you’ll get to dive deep into your purpose and what drives your business. I will motivate you to leave conventional thinking behind and embrace originality instead.

To me a rebel is someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action. I believe Albert Camus who once wrote: “With rebellion, awareness is born.”

Tell it from the heart

After working in the communications field for well over a decade – as a journalist, TV news producer, website manager, PR practitioner, marketing manager and communications specialist, I’ve learned that in order for people to truly connect with your story you need to tell it from the heart.

You would think that’s a simple thing. Yet, many businesses and individuals don’t share their story as it is. Why is that?

Some don’t know where to start and tell me “my story is really not that interesting.”

Some are afraid they’ll be misunderstood or critically judged. “What if people don’t like what I have to say?”

Some are overwhelmed by the task and don’t know how to break up their story into compelling and digestible chapters. “There’s so much to say. Where do I start?”

Whatever your challenge is, I’m here to help you. Every story starts with a strong brand.

A strong brand will give you an interesting and unique angle to tell your story – that only you can tell.

A strong brand will know where it stands. Your job is to speak to your fans and ignore the haters. The biggest mistake any business can make is to try to appeal to everyone. The result: You’ll appeal to no one.

A strong brand will help you develop a clear storyline, with chapters that can be told in various media and draw in your crowd.

What’s your purpose?

Out of the companies and entrepreneurs I’ve worked with in Germany and the United States, those that are most successful are the ones that let their brand voice be shaped by their purpose and their vision. Or as Simon Sinek put it, those companies that can tell us why they exist.

It takes introspection, sincerity and heart to discover the voice that embodies all that you stand for, all that you are. The one thing that only you can offer to the world.

I’ve had a life-long fascination for people and companies that own their voice and inspire us with their stories. The truth is it takes a communications rebel to shake up an audience.

“Trust is built by telling the truth, not telling people what they want to hear.” ~Simon Sinek

I’m excited to help you tell your story, grow your business and make a difference.

Storytelling in German and English

I’ve worked with businesses and organizational leaders in both the US and Germany. My services are available both in German and English. The German in me will bring organization, structure and efficiency to the storytelling table. The American in me will embrace individuality, vision and a can-do attitude that will help take your business to the next level.

Send me a note, and I’m happy to get you started on your journey to a better story.

Here’s to your true voice and your exceptional story told to the world!