What does a 100 dollar bill have to do with a rebel? Let me explain.

In July 2012 I attended the 2nd Annual World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. And if you think summit = conference = boring lectures, you’re totally on the wrong track. WDS is a summit like no other. It’s where remarkable people from all over the globe come together for a weekend of unconventional idea exchange and inspiration.

Think non-stop meet-ups. Think lots of a-ha moments and tears of joy. Picture 1,000 people singing Journey’s “Don’t stop believing” together. Extra loud. (Try it for yourself – sing along to Journey’s live performance above and feel an instant boost of confidence!)

The motto that unites all WDSers is community, adventure and service.

As I was bathing in the rousing experience, complete with Bollywood dancing and exquisite chocolate tasting, my brain started going off like a firecracker triggering some dazzling ideas. It was amazing!

My experience would have been complete and perfectly exceptional right there. But the awesome WDS team had a rad surprise in store for all of us – it was the genius and unselfish gesture that confirmed why the World Domination Summit is the most unconventional conferences of all.

The $100 Investment

100 dollar investmentYou can watch Chris Guillebeau revealing his big surprise in his closing speech here (watery eyes alert!) or you can just read on.

So Chris and his team decided to invest the surplus funds from the WDS in their people. A pretty nervous Chris opened an envelope on stage and took out a 100 dollar bill and a note. He read the message on the note out aloud:

The $100 Investment
Thanks for making #WDS2012 a fantastic experience. We’d love to see how you can put these funds to good use. Start a project, surprise someone, or do something entirely different – it’s up to you.

It took me a good 6 months to figure out what good project I could invest my 100 bucks in. I felt like Chris had given me – all of us – something more than a mere money amount; he gave us the opportunity to do something amazing and meaningful. Something with a lasting effect. Something that others can benefit from. Remember? “Community, adventure, and service.”

As I was bringing Communications Rebel to life, I realized that I wanted to give my people and my new biz something significant. Something that would declare the greatness of this venture.

Declare Greatness

So I decided to have my superstar graphic designer Margo Graxeda create a manifesto to inspire people (and myself). And my 100 bucks would go towards the Communications Rebel Manifesto. Greatness declared.

But more than that. By deeming my own biz worthy of the 100 dollar investment, I acknowledged the value of my own work. In other words, I took my biz seriously. In a way that I hadn’t before – and that meant that I was even more dedicated to my clients and my mission.

Tweet this if you agree (easy peasy, just click on the link): By investing in your biz, you acknowledge the value of your own work and open yourself up to greatness.

Big thanks to Chris Guillebeau and the entire WDS tribe for believing in me and helping me step into MY true voice.

Have you made an investment in yourself lately? And how did it change how you view yourself or your business? I’m curious about your experience. Share it with other rebels on Facebook.

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